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Customer Reviews


"First, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Secondly, your class really was good. Of course not being in class all day is great. The price was in with everyone else's price structure. The equipment was top-rated equipment. The side information (handouts, and support information other than actual instruction) was interesting and enlightening.

However, I want you to know that the best part was keeping it focused on actual CPR instruction. I was assuming that it would escape me like all classes. Contrary to that thought, numerous times I've thought chin back, pinch nose, 2 breaths. 30 and 2. One cycle before calling 911 for infants. I'm very clear on what to do. For someone with concentration issues, you repeated the basic instructions over and over and didn't clutter the brain with a zillion other artifacts. Thank you."

Waulene Atha
Raleigh, NC

"Would recommend to other nurses. "

Wendy Vaught
Roanoke Rapids, NC

"This is perfect for traveling nurses. I would recommend to other healthcare professionals."

Leeann Philyaw
Durham, NC

"Easy to understand, explains and demonstrates everything. Joanne doesn't mind taking the time out to help.

Courtney Meinig
Knightdale, NC

"Best BLS I've taken!"

Shanika Upchurch
Raleigh, NC

"Excellent training. Joanne is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. She really answered all questions, and explained every technique and procedure."

Evan Martens
Wake Forest, NC

"It went great from start to finish. She was an excellent instructor!"

Erin Gore
Oxford, NC

"The instructor did a great job teaching the BLS course. Very informative, in-depth and fun. Highly recommend!"

Ashley Pace
Wendell, NC

Instructor conducts the class at her home, and is very welcoming. She is incredibly thorough in her teaching, and ensures that the student understands the material."

Samantha Merry
Falls Church, VA

"Joanne was a great instructor. She started on time, and I love the hands on. She explained everything and asked questions to make you feel comfortable."

Sharon Rhodes
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne was a great instructor. She started on time, and I love the hands on. She explained everything and asked questions to make you feel comfortable."

Sharon Rhodes
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne was a great instructor. She started on time, and I love the hands on. She explained everything and asked questions to make you feel comfortable."

Sharon Rhodes
Raleigh, NC

"Training started on time; shared useful info on different situations."

Vilma Fouts
Cary, NC

"Awesome instructor! The class is very thorough and interesting. I would recommend this course to anyone."

Crystal Brook Davis
Smithfield, NC

"Joanne was courteous. She gave great directions, started on time, discussed relevant info, and gave helpful handouts."

Laura Spencer
Raleigh, NC

"She taught the skills in depth, and was very pleasant and receptive to questions."

Liz Wuest
Wilson, NC

"Joanne started on time, was friendly, patient and instruction was clear."

Alexis Abraham
Raleigh, NC

Great! Educator was friendly and knew her stuff. Excellent communicaton with scheduling class, and help with finding her location."

Patrick Gray
Raleigh, NC

"The instructor was great!"

Kendall Harris
Hillsborough, NC

"Great experience. Learned a lot from Joanne. She is very personable and knowledgeable about CPR. I got a lot of one-on-one training, and left feeling confident about my CPR skills."

Danielle Bonds
Durham, NC

Joanne did a great job teaching in a thorough manner. I liked the hands on approach."

Carrie Rodriguez
Wake Forest, NC

"Great teach and good examples, which helped me better understand what I was doing in performing CPR. Got in the class and everybody was introduced.

Sherlyne Akuku
Raleigh, NC

"Excellent instructor-very detailed and comprehensive.

Robert Rawlings
Littleton, NC

"Joanne emailed reminders, as well as assisted with directions if needed. She was very prepared and professional. We arrived and was very hospitable, and instructed us the proper technique for CPR/AED, and taught information that is above and beyond what she needed, which was very helpful."

Mary Almquist
Wake Forest, NC

"Very informative and helpful on teaching all steps of CPR, and asking students to practice, and then peform the steps."

Cameron Cox
Youngsville, NC

"Great instructor!"

Joni Norburn
Raleigh, NC

"Wonderful class, very practical!"

Kathryn Bauerle
Amarillo, TX

Thanks for an excellent experience! As you promised, I certainly learned something new; your vast knowledge of CPR and enthusiasm for the course made it a truly exciting experience.

Clarence Byrd
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne provided additional helpful info during the course. Thank you so much!"

Donna Becker
Zebulon, NC

"I learned several things I had not heard in previous classes, especially with children."

Jennifer Sterling
Raleigh, NC

"Thank you for helping me feel confident in my ability to perform rescue breaths, CPR, and feel more at ease if my son were ever in a situation. I really appreciate the hands-on learning and critical thinking, and you were so warm and kind."

Amy Justice
West Union, SC

"Most informed CPR Class I have ever taken. Wonderful class!"

Christie Wellons
Princeton, NC

"Very good presentation with real life situations. Great explanation of how to handle out of ordinary cases (i.e. obese and wheelchair bound victims).

Brian Perruccio
Home Choice Home Care
Raleigh, NC

"Great instructor in teaching the AED unit. "Straight and to the point about what do to in an emergency situation."

Jessica Perry
Zebulon, NC

"I would want Joanne to save my life."

Amanda Jones
Chapel Hill, NC

"Appreciated the one-on-one attention and pace."

Jeffrey Palazzo
Wake Forest, NC

"I wanted to let you know that less than a week from taking your renewal course, I hopped a plane with some of my fellow nursing school graduates for the Dominican Republic. Only five minutes after arriving for our first day on the beach, we were pulling a local out of the ocean after he had a seizure and aspirating quite a bit of sea water. We had to perform CPR and needless to say I was grateful it was so fresh in my memory. Just thought you would be interested in knowing about this surreal experience. Thanks again for the class!"

Petyon Grissom
Oxford, NC

"It was a real pleasure to meet you tonight. I almost called to cancel because of the crazy day I had and the terrible weather too; but I am so glad I didn't. You were so personable and the class so informative! I really enjoyed the one-on-one instruction."

Deborah McBride

I pray that things change for you because you are a real blessing to all you instruct. The good you give out to others should definitely come back to you!" Great job-will certify with you for the 3rd time!"

Debbie Hunter
Raleigh, NC

"Excellent class. Very hand on, and individual care."

Dr. Jacob Klapper
Durham, NC

"Wonderful class."

Rachel Hulbert
Raleigh, NC

"Very education class, yet fun!"

Dani Congleton
Louisburg, NC

""Excellent Class!"

Ruth Tadesse
Durham, NC

"Thanks for caring enough to teach all the "EXTRAS" that make so much of a difference."

Cynthia Yula-Parks
Raleigh, NC

"Thank you for a great course."

Rebekah Brenner
Durham, NC

First instructor that has ever explained "why" certain steps were done. Very well prepared. Knows her stuff. Professional, thorough. Excellent class. I have been taking BLS classes for 36 years-best one yet!"

Lucy Howell
Wake Forest, NC

"Best training I have had in 16 years!"

Annie Shaw
Raleigh, NC

"Loved it. Thanks for everything! Very clear instructions and practice. Love your style. Keep it up!!!!"

Katrina Smith
Raleigh, NC

"The class was great, and very helpful and beneficial."

Nancy Ruiz
New Bern, NC

'"Really loved her presentation and openness."

Michael Pearson
Danville, VA

"Great teacher, class & info."

Reyna Verduzco
Raleigh, NC

"Even being a nurse, Joanne helped me to change some of the old habits I have developed. Thank you."

Jayne Kelly
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne's class is AWESOME!!! I will recommend all my medical colleagues."

Sarah Morris
Raleigh, NC

"There was more information included in this course than any other I have taken. Very knowledgeable!"

Chelsea Goodill
Newport News, VA

"I love the handouts. She gives direct and to the point information. Class is very relaxing and good verbal instruction was given."

Vanessa Chandler
Greenville, NC

"Very informative with very good and interesting rationales to why we do CPR."

Alice Munyua
Raleigh, NC

"You did an excellent job!"

Bryan Wilkins
Lillington, NC

"An excellent, very competent, instructor."

James Abe
Raleigh, NC

"Training was clear and educative."

John Godwin
Garner, NC

"The instructor was very knowledgeable, and very beneficial to advice given in the classroom."

Mari Maguru
Cary, NC

"I would rather pay to come to Action CPR for my training than take it at the hospital for free. Great info! Great class!"

James Bould

"All the information was, and will be, useful in my daily routines. Thanks a lot."

Clarice Moore-Cole
Durham, NC

"Good class. I would like Joanne to teach a class at my place of business."

Thomas Wade
Collands, VA

"Joanne covered everything, and always asked if I had questions. She explained techniques thoroughly, and made the material easy to understand!"

Angela Munford
Durham, NC

"I felt like I received very personal and individualized instruction. It helped me learn the material."

John Talton
Raleigh, NC

"Very interesting and informative."

Kaitlin Purrazzella
Raleigh, NC

"Very good at explaining technique."

Yolanda James Hairston
Louisburg, NC

"Very good instructor. The most I every learned in any CPR class!"

Katherine Wommack
Raleigh, NC

"I really enjoyed the hands-on training. The real life scenarios helped me to understand how to save a life. I also appreciated the fact that Joanne informed me about the laws in North Carolina, when it pertains to providing CPR and assisting choking victims."

Patricia Waters

"Best instructor for CPR I ever had. Joanne is the only instructor I had teach me hands-on training."

Lacey Radford
Knightdale, NC

"Joanne was very concise and informative. She also related situations to real-life scenarios."

Jennifer Fail
Goldsboro, NC

"I think the class was very helpful, and more on-on-one. Thanks!"

Amy Child
Wake Forest, NC

"Excellent class. Very clear, and a lot of hands on practice. Thanks.""

Samantha Stumpf
Middlesex, NC

"I learned more things I did not know, and the class was great. Thanks. You know the info well!"

Brittany Champion
Creedmoor, NC

"This was the most informative CPR class I have ever taken. Joanne is the bomb!"

Michael Toy
Raleigh, NC

"Loved the real-life application of strategies/techniques. Best CPR/BLS course I have attended! Liked the small group size and opportunity to ask questions."

Penny Wood
Clayton, NC

"I enjoyed this class, and learned so much from this wonderful instructor."

Amal Toloczko
Clayton, NC

"I enjoyed this class. Everything was explained so that I could understand. Joanne took time to answer any questions I had. I felt very comfortable with this class. Great learning environment."

Lynn Everly-Strawn
Huntington, West Virgina

"I enjoyed this class. Everything was explained so that I could understand. Joanne took time to answer any questions I had. I felt very comfortable with this class. Great learning environment."

Lynn Everly-Strawn
Huntington, West Virgina

"I was impressed with the training I received, and learned a lot of new information. Thanks!"

Oender Solakogu
Hamburg, Germany

"This is the best CPR Class I have had, and I am glad I had the opportunity to take this class."

Samuel Plante
Morrisville, NC

" It was a great class. I learned so much."

Kevin Tirado
Wake Forest, NC

" Everything was clearly explained. I really enjoyed the individual recap with testing our knowledge on what was learned. I feel more comfortable with giving CPR and First Aid. Fun class!!!! Thanks.""I enjoyed the class very much."

India Dickerson
Raleigh, NC

"Excellent Instructor! If anyone ever asks me where to get CPR Certified, I will definitely recommend Action CPR!"

Eric Stovall
Oxford, NC

"Very good one-on-one training with all important info covered."

Jose Irizarry
Clayton, NC

"Very knowledgeable and experienced! Joanne is excited about teaching, she is fun and upbeat. Would recommend her to others!"

Jacqueline Allotey
Raleigh, NC

"I think Joanne was excellent. She was very knowledgable with her teachings. Thanks for all your help."

Angela Hatfield
Raleigh, NC

"Great teacher, very patient."

Rachel Hauser
Raleigh, NC

"Very detailed course. I learned alot. I am looking forward to settuping up a class for my family because she was such a good instructor! Beautiful spirit!"

Keisha Ward
Raleigh, NC

" Joanne is an excellent instructor! She is very thorough and competent. I felt very comfortable after the class with all CPR/BLS techniques. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to come CPR/BLS Certified."

Lori Mitchell
Durham, NC

"Love this small, hands-on, low pressure class. The instructor was so supportive and encouraging for me, a 66 year old with test anxiety."

Nelan Chappell
Durham, NC

"I feel like I can save a life now. Great class and teacher."

Sierra McRae
Wake Forest, NC

"Good experience with a knowledgeable teacher."

Sharon Schultz
Dubque, IA

"Action CPR is a great place to get re-certified quickly and completely with personalized instruction. She made sure throughout the class that we knew not only the material on the test, but also details for us to use in our jobs and when out in public. Though I hope I never need to use the skills, I feel confident that I could after taking my BLS recert with Joanne."

Jocelyn Friedman
Chapel Hill, NC

"Instructor seemed very passionate about teaching and the need for certification."

Sharon Braxton

"Instructor was very knowledgeable of CPR. Very pleasant and hospitable. She was a joy to have as and instructor and appreciate her concern."

Mona Terry
Petersburg, VA

"Joanne was great. Best instructor ever!"

Arlene Mills
Durham, NC

"The instructor was professional and knowledgeable teaching the complete subject of CPR. I feel a million times more confident after this necessary course. Thank you."

David Saurer
Durham, NC

Raleigh, NC

"My instructor gave clear, concise information. I found myself more confident in the application of CPR, particularly in the usage of the Automated External Defibrillator. Very thorough class!"

Katherine Young, Hypnotherapist
Raleigh, NC

"Everyone should take this course. My instructor was excellent and extremely helpful. I really feel comfortable doing CPR now."

Bobbie Hennessy, Health By Design
Wake Forest, NC

"The equipment was excellent, as was our instructor."

Davelyn Rivers, Owner of Bottle & Bean Restaurant
Wake Forest, NC

"I enjoyed the Heartsaver First Aid Course. The instructor was very informative."

Michelle Ford
Garner, NC

"The BLS Healthcare Provider Course was interesting and useful."

Michelle Vesterling
Smithfield, NC

"The Instructor is great. She is very thorough, and teaches the course very well."

Marsha Kemp
Bailey, NC

"I learned a lot. The instructor really knows her stuff. Highly recommended."

Landing Colley
Raleigh, NC

"She was efficient and thorough. I learned so much."

Elonda Womble
Sanford, NC

"Excellent course. I learned a lot and had fun doing it!"

Ashley Fairfield
Matthews, NC

"I had a good time, and was able to learn a lot!"

Megan Knox
Raleigh, NC

"Very helpful to have the info on local environmental dangers such as the two most common poisonous spiders and snakes. It was good to have pictures posted, and to know what they look like."

Janice Crawford
Cary, NC

"I have been a healthcare provider for over 10 years. The class was thoroughly enjoyable class with excellent equipment. I would definitely recommend to others!!!"

Stacie McSweeney
Rockwell, NC

"Loved this class! Joanne made it easy to learn and explained the info very well. Great class setting! Would definitely recommend."

Sunjay Womble
Mebane, NC

"The best CPR class I ever had!"

Lakeshia Daniel
Oxford, NC

"The training was excellent. The instructor took her time in explaining anything I didn't understand. I would definitely recommend her to others."

Raqia Blades
Clayton, NC

"Enjoyable class with very knowledgeable instructor!"

Carey Gross
Raleigh, NC

"Great job! I enjoyed it very much!"

Yaiesha Johnson
Durham, NC

"This class was very informative. The teacher was very patient and very direct, and I'm glad that I attended the class. I learned quite a lot, and very happy that I took the BLS Class."

Andrea Como
Raleigh, NC

"Very knowledgeable and flexible regarding scheduling classes. Clean, up-to-date equipment. I will surely recommend this class to others."

Stacey Jacques
Holly Springs, NC

"I enjoyed the small instructor to student ratio in this course. I feel I got more out of it compared to a large group class. I would recommend Joanne to others."

Kerry Ward
Raleigh, NC