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This is my third time completing my BLS class with Joanne Fried. I email her every two years when I need to update my certification, and she's awesome. Very easy/quick to sign up, the class isn't longer than necessary (like some that are 6 hours long and miserable), and I actually feel prepared if/when I have to perform CPR. And she's super friendly and talks about real-life situations, which makes the class enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the healthcare field!

Mary Kathryn Elledge

I loved her class. Class size is super small, and she gives you real life experiences. She is also by far the cheapest that I have found. I would recommend her to anyone and I know I will be back! I learned so much.

Brooke Coates

Joanne is amazing! Not only does she know her material, but she presents it in a way that is both engaging and fun. I currently live in a different state, and I still come back to her for all my educational needs. I highly recommend her!

Ben Ross

This is my second time getting my BLS certification through Action CPR. I have taken other courses in the past that left me feeling confused and not confident if I ever needed to perform CPR. Joanne is so nice, explains everything in detail, and is great about answering questions. I recently recommended her to teach a CPR course for a group of my employees and they have all commented how confident they feel with their CPR skills since taking her class and how much FUN it was! I highly recommend Joanne at Action CPR, we are customers for life!

Heather Bramble

This was my second time taking my BLS certification with Joanne. My first time was after I paid $115 to Red Cross only to find out it was the wrong course and they wanted another $85 to teach me the same material but under the correct title.

After I spoke with my pharmacist he referred me to Joanne and let me tell you I have NEVER learned so much and felt so confident in my training as I did the first class I took with her. Since going I have referred numerous people to her and they have always felt the same.

I encourage you to contact her for any CPR and first aide training; she even has a pediatric class for when your child starts babysitting.

Oh and not to mention her prices are by far the best I've found!

Amy Carter

This is a great CPR instructor! She really knows her material and uses real life examples. She puts terms and information into easy to understand words. She is a pro! I really like her ability to make you comfortable with the lessons, but yet she makes knowing what you are doing her top priority. I have taken 3 classes from her and I find something new and meaningful each class I take. She takes as much time with each student to ensure they have the skills she is teaching. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who needs CPR certification or recertification.

Peggy Wilkerson

Thank you SO much for sharing the correct information with me and helping ME get the right certification! I would have had to wait a month for Wake Tech's next class and I definitely would not have actually ENJOYED it like I did today in your class.

You're a terrific instructor, and I really liked the small intimate class size. Everyone got a chance to participate and share real life stories about working as a Healthcare Provider.

I will absolutely talk to the department head and mention your name, and give him cards as well. Telling him that I recommend you to such a high degree that I don't have words for it. That everyone would benefit greatly from your class.

The students that come out of Wake Tech and go into their professional roles will be at the top of their field just by getting the right start with you. Plus they'd never have to stress about recertification down the road!

Thank you so much, I've had a rough couple of weeks with life and I just moved here so it's been an adjustment. Taking your class today was the highlight of the past 6 months of my life, I learned, I had fun, I laughed, it was the most social thing I've done in forever, and I'm more confident than ever that I'm capable of being a First Responder.

After today (and because I have a pocket mask, gloves, first aid kit in my car) I'd pull over in a heartbeat & take charge of immediate care before the actual First Responders arrive at the scene of an accident. Thank you for giving me the skills and confidence (and information on the legal side of it!) to be able to potentially save a life... even before my career in EMS starts.

Thank you,

Kristen Zimmerman

"My BLS/CPR card was almost expired, and I needed it renewed fast so I could continue to work. What I found is that Joanne was very flexible in scheduling of her classes. When I called her I expected the same run around as other places: 2 classes a month and no flexibility. My jaw hit the floor when she said without explaining my predicament, "come over tonight at seven, no problem." There were 4 people in the the class I took, but she was also willing to teach one-on-one. This kind of flexibility in scheduling, along with her professionalism and Warmth, makes this normally menial task easy and fun. Joanne uses a dedicated classroom section in her home which is nice. The environment is Professional and Clean, and has all new CPR equipment and learning tools, and yet the classroom is comfortable and inviting. Joanne shows this same balance as an instructor, providing her students both confidence and competence by being friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her CPR certication. I am sure she will be seeing some of my friends very soon."

Ken King
Oxford, NC

"Joanne was awsome. I could tell immediately that she knew what she was doing. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years and I have never received such thorough training as I did from Joanne. My previous training experiences were in the form of a "blitz" which I felt hurried through like cattle. Joanne class was small and more personalized. I will continue to return to Joanne's classes for re-certification and will recommend her to all my colleagues and friends."

Amanda King
Oxford, NC

"Joanne was very courteous and welcoming into her home for a CPR/AED course, as well as the First Aid course. I originally had signed up for a First aid course and a CPR course on two separate days. Joanne worked with my schedule and combined the two classes into one day for my convenience. She also gives a 30% discount for taking multiple classes. Joanne also sends emails to you confirming your courses. She also gives the address and directions to the lcoation of the class in conjunction with instructions for payment to be made in cash at the time of the course. Joanne made this process as easy as possible. There were no questions I had left unanswered, and all I had to do was make appropriate plans to pick up money and arrive on time. Upon arrival there is a vehicle parked out front with the ACTION CPR logo and information on it, so there was no question about location. When the course started Joanne was very courteous and worked with the skill levels of all members of the class. The course was excellent, and she made it quite interesting as we shared quality discussion and shared different knowledge about the topics at hand. There was also plenty of valuable hands on experience. I would glady recommend this course to anyone needing certification. Most importantly, I want to recognize Joanne's teaching abilities, as she seems to be a step ahead of the curve and promotes learning in a hands-on and functional manor compared to many other textbook teaching styles. Joanne, thank you for offering these courses, and all your help. I look forward to taking your courses again when re-certification time comes."

Daniel James
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne was very energetic, and made the class fun. All material was well explained.

Matthew Leach
Chapel Hill, NC

"Excellent class!"

Philip King
Cary, NC

"I have been getting BLS Certified for many years, and I have never had someone train me in CPR like Joanne at Action CPR. She told me that I wasn't giving compressions deep enough, and I was in shock to learn that after getting CPR training for 15 years with other instructors, I was doing compressions incorrectly."

Marie L.
Wake Forest, NC

"My instructor was not only very knowledgeable, but also a warm and affable person. She put me at ease. Her facilities were excellently maintained, and she made sure I was very comfortable before, and throughout, the course. She also made sure to emphasize the integral points. The day was much more interactive, and much more effective in terms of learning. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone."

Sasha Klemawesch
Seminole, FL

"Very knowledgeable of the matter, and even had provided additional information, such as in environmental emergencies specific to our local area. I expressed to my instructor that she was extremely thorough and took her time in teaching. Other training centers that I went to in the past rushed through their sessions. She is very passionate about this work, and it shows!"

Denise Monovich
Raleigh, NC

"Joanne is very professional. She answered all our questions. She is an excellent instructor. We would highly recommend her! Love her and the way she taught."

Ernie & Jenny Chatham
Little Hands Home Care
Willow Springs, NC

"Out of all the CPR/First Aid Classes I've taken, this class has taught me more than any of the other classes. I am directing all of my friends, classmates and co-workers to take this class. I have never had a more enjoyable time while being educated. Thank you so much."

Brittany Jenkins
Raleigh, NC

"I took a BLS training class a few years ago, and did not learn half of the things that I learned today from Joanne today. I am leaving this class feeling confident in my training, and confident that I can save someones life."

LaToya Partin
Wendell, NC

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