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New Study Finds Heart Attacks Jump After Daylight Saving Time
Posted in CPR News
Friday May 9, 2014

While many people feel groggy or irritable the day after springing forward for daylight saving time, a new study suggests the health effects may be more serious than that. According to research from the University of Colorado in Denver, the heart attack rate on the Monday following the spring time change was 25% higher than on other Mondays, though it tapered back down over the following week. While it's not entirely clear why this spike happens, researchers believe it may have to do with a combination of factors, including the stress of beginning the work week, compounded by an hour less sleep. We know from previous studies that a lack of sleep can trigger heart attacks, but we do not have a good understanding of why people are so sensitive to changes in sleep-wake cycles, said lead author Amneet Sandhu, MD. Our study suggests that sudden, even small changes in sleep could have detrimental effects.