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AED Accessibility: A Question of Where and When
Posted in CPR News
Saturday December 21, 2013

When it comes to AED effectiveness, accessibility matters -- not just in terms of where AEDs are placed but in terms of when they're accessible as well. A recent study of publicly accessible AEDs in Copenhagen, Denmark, finds that virtually all people who experienced a cardiac arrest during working hours were within 100 meters of an accessible AED, yet just over half of all cardiac arrests occuring near an AED but outside of working hours were covered, due to AEDs being located in banks, medical practices, and other closed locations. Said lead investigator Dr. Carolina Malta Hansen of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, "These findings underline that not only strategic placement but also uninterrupted AED accessibility warrants attention if public-access defibrillation is to improve survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest."