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Heart Attack Symptoms!
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Monday December 17, 2012

More women die of heart attacks than men because they have different signs when having a heart attack than men. Unfortunately, doctors do not take women seriously when showing signs of a heart attack. They usually tell them to go home and take a Prilosec.

If your wife, mother, sister, aunt, niece complain of pressure in the chest or indigestion, I would immediatey take them to the Emergency Room to get an EKG and blood work. It is worth the co-pay for an emergency room visit to make sure your loved one survives!

My friend called me today from the hospital. She is 57 years old. She was having indigestion for a few days. She went to a Gastroenterologist who did an endoscopy on her. The Doctor stated she had a hiatal hernia, as well as an ulcer in her esophagus. No one ever thought to check her heart. Well, she had a heart attack.

Find below the differences between mens and womens symptoms:

Symptoms for Men
pressure in the chest
pain radiating down left or both arms
pain in between the shoulders
jaw pain
feeling like they are constipated


Symptoms for Women
pain in between the shoulder blades or around the right shoulder blade
feeling of indigestion
may feel like they swallowed a golf ball if they have Myocardial Infarction
slight pressure in the chest
women may also have lower jaw pain

Note: Never strain on a toilet bowl, you can constrict your blood vessels, and die of a heart attack.