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Why Early Defibrillation Is So Important!
Posted in CPR News
Tuesday April 16, 2013

Why Should You Use an AED As Soon as It Becomes Available:

If you use an AED within 5 minutes, it increases your chances of survival by 50%.

If you use an AED in the first minute, it increases your chance of survival by 90%.

Therefore, you use it on an adult as soon as one comes available.

You cannot use an AED on infants and children until you do one cycle of compressions, which is 5 sets of 30:2, or two minutes of compressions and breaths. It's more important to give breaths to children and infants because they very rarely go into cardiac arrest, unless they have a heart problem you were not aware of, such as a hole in the heart. It is more important to give them breaths to prevent them from going into cardiac arrest. If the infant or child does not come to after 2 minutes, put an AED on them.